Y.T. Tang Soo Do Instructors:

All members of the teaching staff are Certified Instructors of Tang Soo Do, and are holders of Black Belts granted by the World Tang Soo Do Association; under the leadership of the late Grandmaster Jae C. Shin and Grandmaster Robert E. Beaudoin.

Certified Instructors

Our staff of Black Belt instructors and their assistants are here to guide you towards greater self-discipline and confidence as you improve your flexibility, balance, and overall coordination. Our program gradually helps you to improved fitness and better knowledge of self-defense.

Our current instructors include:
John M. Neese, 2nd Degree 
(Instructor & Studio Proprietor)
Thomas Mitchell, 3rd Degree 
(Instructor - currently on "sabbatical"?)
Arun Krishnaraj, 1st Degree 
(Assistant Instructor)
Steven Reese, 1st Degree 
(Assistant Instructor)

The rest of our Black Belt instruction staff not pictured includes: Hutton Kalik (1st Dan).

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